How Hormones Affects Your Brain Functions

When a teenager is difficult to his or her parents and behaving irrationally, most people say that it is only the “hormones” acting up. Indeed, when it comes to emotions, drives, and actions, people frequently blame it on the hormones. However, is that really what happens in your body? Hormones play a significant role by relaying messages from your body going back to the brain and vice versa. These substances came from the endocrine system and pituitary gland. When a person is asked on what kind of hormones he or she knows, the common reply is estrogen and testosterone. These two hormones cover a huge percentage of in your system.

Estrogen helps young girls to develop into a woman. When a little girl hits the puberty stage, her estrogen levels kicks in which consequences the growth of pubic hair, the appearance of monthly periods, developing of hips and growth of breasts. Similar phase also happens among young boys. However, instead of estrogen, their body’s testosterone levels hit a high percentage. Likewise, this hormone is the precursor behind a young boy’s pubescent development. There are 48 other types of this substance in your body, aside from the above mentioned two. Each of them has valuable roles and functions to keep yourself on the move.

However, having too many levels of a particular hormone or too low of it can lead to various medical conditions. Most of the common consequences of this condition are stress, anxiety, depression, poor memory, and lack of concentration, excessive mood swings and much more. For more insights and understanding on how hormones affect brain functions, here is a list of hormones and their specific consequences in an individual with too high or too low levels of it:

  • Cortisol

This hormone is responsible for how you respond to stressors. Too much cortisol in your body can lead to high blood sugar levels and extreme stress.

  • Insulin

This is a type of peptide hormone which helps in metabolizing fats and carbohydrates. The lack of insulin is what causes Diabetes in many people.

  • Melatonin

This hormone is responsible for your sleep and wake cycle. Poor levels of melatonin in your body are what causes your inability to sleep at night called as insomnia and frequent microsleeps.

  • Serotonin

Do you always feel irritated, have sudden mood swings and loss in appetite? If your answer is all yes, your body is certainly suffering from low serotonin. This hormone particularly controls your mood and appetite. Thus, the lack of it is what causes your constant bad mood.

  • Norepinephrine

This hormone controls a lot of functions in your body. Its function is to keep your heart and blood pressure at normal levels and guarantees that your emotions are controlled. However, the lack of it can lead to anxiousness and feelings of depression. The production of hormones relies on another chemical on your system called pregnenolone. This substance accelerates and controls the production of hormones in your body. Hence, poor levels of pregnenolone are what also cause the low production of hormones. The good thing is that you can still increase this substance in your body. All you have to do is drink this safe and a popular pregnenolone supplement from Vitamonk.

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