Introduction to Intense Workouts Without Weights

Do you want to buff your muscles, increase your core energy, become more confident, or want to stay healthy? If the answer is yes but you have problems since you lack the essential workout apparatus needed for the workout such as barbells, dumbbells, kettle ball, etc., do not worry. It is not a big problem anymore because there is a way to make your muscles buff, develop core energy, boost confidence and at the same time become healthy without needing or utilizing those workout weight apparatus at all.

Intense Workouts without Weights

Yes, workout apparatus are useful tools to assist individuals to develop amazing body built, but it does not mean a person cannot start his workout without the aid of the said weight devices. In fact, a natural and effective kind of workout can achieve great body physique without using weights. This is achieved by getting into the intense workouts without weights routines and taking vitamin supplements that contain¬†propionyl-l-carnitine, which is known to enhance athletic performance; thus, you’re able to do your workout routines easily.

Is it Possible to Develop Amazing Body Build without Weights?

Since the innovation of using weights, most people have become attached, forgetting that their own body can be used as a weight itself. With this approach, every person can obtain positive results.

Basic Requirements of Intense Workouts without Weights

  • Yourself

Of course, the primary requirement of this kind of workout is you and yourself alone. Make sure you’re 100 percent dedicated to the workout.

  • Driven Objective

If you are sure to achieve the perfect body that you think you deserve, the scarcity of weights cannot stop you from reaching your objectives.

  • Be Creative

Basically, there are no mechanical weights that can be utilized. But for this kind of workout, a person must be creative enough to use its surroundings to be its medium that includes the incline pavements, chair, rocks, trees, etc.

Introducing the Fundamentals of Intense Workout minus the Weights

Many workout drills do not require using any weights. By doing so, it is vital, at least, to learn the fundamental or basics and these are the following:

  1. Start by doing push-ups

There are plenty of variations of push-ups that are a good means to buff the chest naturally.

  1. Pull-ups Exercise

This routine requires a bar that is much higher than a person’s height. It strengthens the back muscles and improves upper chest.

  1. Sit-ups

Sit-ups can be done without any weights at all, as it can strengthen to develop strong and hard abdominal muscles or also known as six packs.

  1. Walking

A good way to start warming up is by walking. Constant walking can also strengthen the lower muscles.

  1. Running or Jogging

It can reduce weight and at the same time, it improves both the leg and arm muscles. In addition, it can also improve breathing, which prevents a person from easily getting tired.

Workout and Intensity

Although the fundamental of workout drills may seem to be back to basic, adding more intensity to the entire workout is effective and can manifest great results. One good example is widening the arm stance while elevating the feet with a chair off the floor during a push-up. This can assist to harden the routine.

It is not a problem whether you lack essential workout weight apparatus because even the body itself can be the utilized.


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