A Closer Look at Biovy’s ArtemisiMAX

Sweet wormwood is a traditional medicine with countless health benefits. Alternative medicine practitioners acknowledge the high potency of sweet wormwood extract in treating pain, inflammation, and digestive problems. Also, the WHO is currently conducting more studies about the medicinal properties of the herb that can possibly combat cancer.

The reason behind sweet wormwood’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties is its chemical substance called artemisinin. Today, artemisinin is a bioavailable substance. You can reap the health benefits of sweet wormwood by using artemisinin dietary supplement.

One of the most popular artemisinin supplement in the market is ArtemisiMAX by Biovy. This product received great feedback from consumers. To learn more about it, here is a summary of ArtemisiMAX specifications and why you must consider this option.

#1 More Potent Formula

Sweet wormwood extract contains around 0.3 to 0.5% of artemisinin. Thus, you have to gather a lot of sweet wormwoods to get at least 1% of artemisinin. Imagine the amount of sweet wormwood you have to gather only to get enough of the substance.

With ArtemisiMAX, you no longer have to consume a lot of time looking for sweet wormwood. Each capsule of this dietary supplement contains 98% pure artemisinin. Since every capsule has a higher concentration of the substance, ArtemisiMAX has more potency compared to sweet wormwood extract.

#2 Natural Ingredients

This supplement contains premium and pure artemisinin, which was derived from sweet wormwood. ArtemisiMAX has no additional content, additives, artificial fillers, or hidden ingredients. You can guarantee that this nutritional supplement is 100% high-quality artemisinin HPLC.

#3 Gluten-Free

One concern of many buyers when taking dietary supplements is whether the product is gluten-free. Gluten is a common ingredient used in capsules. Unfortunately, some individuals have an allergy to this substance.

This product from Biovy is a gluten free artemisinin capsules. Biovy never uses gluten in manufacturing their products. In this manner, more individuals can enjoy and benefit from the brand’s dietary supplements.

#4 Vegan and Non-GMO

Are you a vegan? Do you detest GMO products?

No worries! You can ensure that ArtemisiMAX is a healthy supplement. It is a vegan and a non-GMO supplement. Biovy used zero animal products to formulate and create this product. Moreover, you can trust that the artemisinin extract from this supplement came from premium sweet wormwood of authorized growers and farmers.

#5 Safe to Use

Biovy values the safety and wellness of their consumers. And to achieve that goal, Biovy is strict in implementing guidelines in manufacturing and formulating this product. They follow FDA regulations and complies the GMP standards in producing dietary supplements.

#6 Effective

ArtemisiMAX is an effective solution to inflammation, swelling, and chronic pain. People who suffer from osteoarthritis, muscle pain, and other similar conditions can rely on artemisinin. Moreover, it promotes healthy digestion, boosts energy, and prevents liver and kidney problems.


ArtemisiMAX is a high-quality capsule form of pure artemisinin extract. Coming from a well-known and reputable brand, you can trust that ArtemisiMAX is worth spending your money.

This product is available at leading online markets and legal distributors. But if you want to learn more about this product, read product reviews and customer feedbacks of ArtemisiMAX at Amazon review.

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